The stones that I use in my glass all have metaphysical properties that can be felt when worn. Some of these stones were introduced to me as compatible with glass from friends of mine who are fossil and gem dealers.  I discovered that the ruby, moonstone, and mica were compatible after using the other stones.  If you find a stone that you like, I can put it on just about any of my pieces.  Just ask!

Ruby – Love, marriage, balance, high-energy, mental energy, sensitivity for forgiveness; stops procrastination; good for decision making, flexibility; eases hostile relationships; balances heart in all spiritual issues. Helps you deal with father issues. Brings love and acceptance into any situation you are going into; brings joy, unconditional love, self-esteem.  Ruby is the second hardest mineral known to man.  The red color is caused by trace amounts of chromium.  It is the birthstone for July.

Moonstone – Brings love into your life; all female problems, sensitivity, birth, ulcers, peace. Brings out all feminine qualities, for macho use.  Full moon increases energy.  Found in Brazil, European Alps, Mexico, and India.  Said to balance yin/yang, brings good fortune, and is a highly prized gift for lovers as it arouses tender passion.  Good for the heart.  Helps one accept other stones energy through highlighting the others affects. Birthstone for June.

Tektite – Combination of meteorite and earthen materials.  Tektites are formed during an impact of a meteor with layers of rock in the Earth’s surface.  Their chemistry varies but is mostly silica glass with impurities of magnesium, iron, and other elements.  Helps finalize your “cause”; gives insight; stops the memory of undesirable memories; reduces fever; stops tuberculosis; helps with chronic dilation of blood vessels; strengthens field; good for change.

Moldavite – Rare form of a tektite that are prized for their clarity and unique green color.  They are found in Moldova, the former Czech Republic and are around 14.8 million years old.  Wearing Moldavite helps heighten psychic awareness and helps the wearer remember their dreams.  Grounding stone.  Helps one communicate with sentient beings (whales/dolphins).  Called the “ET” stone, as it is the most powerful stone to communicate with the extra-terrestrials; helps one unblock anything.  Use on 3rd eye, throat, and crown to bring messages into your reality.

Kyanite – Helps to balance all of your chakras; great for throat area; dispels anger and frustration; helps with clarity in mental awareness and reasoning; helps one to complete projects; helps with compassion and decision making process. (5th chakra) Kyanite has a silica base with a unique characteristic of having a wide variation of hardness in the same crystal.  Great balance for Moldavite.

Gilson Opal – These are produced in a lab and have a similar structure to that of precious opals.  Gilson opals are brighter and have a more ordered array of colors than natural opal.  Gilson opals are used in glass over natural opals because the natural opal cannot withstand the heat of the glass.  Helps with eyesight and eye problems, memory, neurological problems, epilepsy, dyslexia, coordination; brings emotional balance.  For fertility, easy birthing, love.  Soft stone.  Protection, justice, harmony, confidence, clarity,  and leukemia.  Helps broaden ones view.  Birthstone for October.

Mica – A group of rock forming minerals found in all three rock types; igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary.  Because mica is so flexible and brittle, it is surprising how resistant mica is to high temperatures.  Prehistoric peoples (mound builders, i.e. Hopewell Indians), in what is now the Ohio region, would cover the tops of their mounds with sheets of mica as a display of their wealth.